DI Pipes & Fittings MFG, we have DI Pipes produces as per ISO 2531, BS 545 and BS 598. Production with the high tech plant in different countries of our production facilities.


ISO 2531, BS EN 545 and BS EN 598

Range Size.

DN 50 to DN 2800

External Coating.

Zinc followed by bitumen as per ISO 8179

Internal coating

Cement mortar lining as per ISO 4179

End Connection.

Socket – Spigot, Restrained Joint, Flanged Pipe

Wall thickness

All range of K-Class i.e. K7, K9, K10,K12 and all range of C-Class I.e. C25, C30, C40 etc.


PN 16, 25, 40, 65 BARS


Water, waste water, Sewage, Fire fighting, irrigation

·  Centrifugal casting machines using the De Lavaud technology supplied from USA which cover pipes from DN 50 – DN 2800. Our Plant’s machines have a capacity of 500,000 Tons per annum.

·  Annealing furnace designed and supplied from Germany. Annealing Furnace can accommodate a future capacity of 500,000 tons of pipes per annum for sizes up to DN 2800.

·  Hydraulic Testing units.

·  Zinc Coating station by electricity.

·  Bitumen Coating equipment.

·  Cement Mortar lining station for cement mixing and Pipe lining by centrifugal means.

·  Grinding station for cleaning pipes internally before lining.

·  Shell molding equipment for making core for pipe socket.

·  Lab equipment for quality inspection in the Quality Section.